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Posted by on Tuesday December 10, 2013 at 15:0:19:

Google's free email subscription service called Feedburner has a way of connecting one's website to Twitter and even Facebook. Anyway, this tutorial is simply on how to connect your website's feed to Twitter so that updates you publish on your blog will also be published to Twitter.

If your know your blogs feed url and also have a Feedburner account, you can simply publish your blog updates to Twitter automatically and without having to log into Twitter.

Things you'd need
- A Feedburner account
- Feed url
- A twitter account
- An email address

A Feedburner account
You can get this for free if you already have a google account. Just go to and sign up for the free service. You should then connect your website to Feedburner using your feed url. You'd be able to activate services such as email subscriptions and ping shot

How to do it
- Go to twitter and sign up for a free account and stay logged in
- Now log into your Feedburner account
- Under feeds, Click on your website feed
- Click on publicize
- Under services, click on socialize
- Click on Add twitter account
- Authorize the Twitter app

Feedburner will now allow your website updates to be also published on Twitter.


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