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Posted by on Tuesday December 10, 2013 at 11:6:52:

MTN mifi and Hynetare 2 internet services I know that MTN Nigeria offers that come with WiFi capability. This means that they can offer users the ability to connect to the internet using a wireless connection.

Imagine being able to browse the web using a wireless modem. Well this is what they both offer but if you were asked to choose between them, which would you choose?

Advantages of MTN mifi over ,MTN Hynet
- Portability: It is more portable than Hynet. While Hynet only operates when fixed at a particular spot, mifi can operate anywhere even while you are on the road to the office but don't browse while driving o!

- Battery powered: In a country where there is still inefficient power supply, MTN mifi beats Hynet hands down since it can work when there is now power fromn the grid. MTN Mifi comes with an internal battery while the current Hynet modem doesn't come with an internal battery

Advantages of MTN Hynet over MTN mifi
- Faster speed: Hynet offers a much faster browsing spend than mifi during peak periods

- Unlimited data plans: These are available on the hynet plan but they are also limited data plans. Unlimited means that one can browse and download unlimited data on the Hynet platform

- Sim free: There is no need to use an MTN sim on Hynet since it works on its own unlike Mifi.


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