How to renew MTN Hynet service after it has expired

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Posted by on Monday April 28, 2014 at 9:59:53:

One of the internet services I love using in Nigeria is the one offered by MTN called MTN Hynet.

MTN Hynet is a fixed and fast internet service offered in Nigeria that currently offers a speed of up to 2MBps.

There are many plans to choose from when subscribing to an internet service on Hynet. Some are more expensive than others. Some are time based plans while others are data based plans.

Subscribing to a plan on MTN Hynet requires one to visit the home page once your modem is connected to your computer. To visit the home page is easy and this works whether one is currently subscribed or not.

Browsing web pages on the MTN Hynet website is easy and basically free since it works even when your internet service has expired and you can no longer connect to other websites apart from MTN Hynet's.

Currently, MTN Hynet offers users a variety of ways to subscribe to an internet plan and these includes:

- Using a Debit card
- Using a Recharge card
- Transferring credit from SIM card

All the above methods work as long as you have an existing or active internet service but you'd find out that you might not be able to use all of them once your service has expired and so it's normally better to renew your subscription even before your plan expires.

It seems that once your subscription has expired, you'd still be able to visit MTN Hynet website for free but will not be able to visit their partner websites such as Interswitch since you have an expired internet service. So the payment by Debit card would not be working and so the other options you'd be left with ate the Recharge card and Transfer credit options.

How to recharge with recharge card
- Choose to recharge with recharge card
- Enter the PIN
- Submit

Airtime credit will then be converted to your MTN Hynet credit and you'll then be able to renew your internet service.

How to recharge by Transferring credit
- First ensure that you have bound your MTN sim to your Hynet account
- Ensure you have sufficient credit on your MTN SIM for the plan you want to subscribe to
- Go to "Transfer Amount" from your links
- Enter the amount
- Enter the validation code sent to your phone
- Submit the button.

Your airtime credit will be transferred to your MTN hynet account.

How to subscribe or renew your internet service
- Click on Select service
- Choose a service that you want
- Submit

You'd be subscribed to the internet plan you have chosen.


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