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There has been a lot of talk lately about internet services in Nigeria and the fact that some are reliably fast while some are just too slow or not fast enough.

If you are in Nigeria and still using a dial up internet service, then you are probably missing a lot. Nowadays, a growing number of tech savvy people in growing cities across Nigeria now go for ISPs that can offer at least 2MBPs or higher. This is basically what many can get from mobile broadband internet providers.

Imagine being able watch YouTube videos without buffering or be able to download 3GB of data in less than 1 hr. Well, it's now possible thanks to growing mobile broadband speeds as well as cable internet infrastructure provided by the successful laying of submarine cables of Glo-1 and Mainone. The kind of internet service the submarine cables brought to Nigerian were referred to as a cable powered internet service. However it seems things are about to edge up and change shape as satellite internet companies arrive Nigeria. Mobile broadband internet services are still the most popular internet platform being used in Nigeria due to the GSM revolution.

I still remember those days when I had to wait for up to 5 mins at a cybercafe just to check Yahoo mail. Nowadays, checking of emails can be done in seconds and even using a private internet service.

Imagine if the 1 or 2MBps speed we currently have nowadays which I still consider fast enough suddenly gets bumped up to say 10MBps. Whooah! You'd no longer be wasting time on your computer screen or even have to spend a lot of time on your system since you'd have more time for leisure and less time on the internet. Satellite based internet services are already rolling out in town and these are the ones that can offer a much faster speed than is currently used by most people.

Well, what brought my mind to the possibility of a 10MBps internet speed and higher was the adverts I read about Yahclick. Yahclick is basically a Satellite based internet service that offers people the fastest connection through a wireless medium. The satellite powered internet service basically requires a V-Sat(Very-small-aperture terminal) dish just like you make use of on Pay TV service providers like DSTV. It's almost unbelieveably fast and much faster than the broadband speeds provided by Mobile GSM companies that many Nigerians are already used to.

Yahclick offers their internet service by means of Satellite connections that are beamed to your dish which is able to send and receive data. Unlike mobile broadband internet which requires a SIM card, Satellite broadband doesn't but mainly requires a dish and cost of installation is normally higher and this sort of internet service is the most expensive for the moment.

Like your Pay TV dish, Satellite internet connections on a service like Yahclick can be affected by the weather and some other external interferences. It also requires proper positioning of the dish for an efficient connection to be made during installation.

Due to the cost of equipment needed to connect to a V-Sat internet service and the fact that it works harder than other internet services, it can be expensive to subscribe to Yahclick's or any other Satellite based internet service. It seems this may be more suitable for small businesses and companies that may want a faster internet service but a private user is free to subscribe if they don't mind the cost.

Due to the fact that a lot of people in Nigeria would prefer to pay less for internet services, it seems Yahclick also has affordable internet plans and discounts for home users ad those are plans that come with a monthly data limit and varying speeds. You can get a home plan for as low as N9,300 per month and that comes with a 10GB data limit and a speed of 1MB/s. A home user can also get a speed as high as 10MB/s if he can afford to pay N29,900 per month and that comes with a monthly data limit of 40GB.

One other good thing about Yahclick's internet service for home users is that they would be able to do unlimited download during the off peak period as from 1am to 6am - This doesn't affect your monthly data limit

For all those interested in getting Yahclick's internet service, they should note that the cost of equipment may require a substantial amount of capital. One should budget at least N70,000 to get started with using Yahclick's Satellite powered internet service in Nigeria.

I guess in summary, the two main things I love about Yahclick's Satellite internet service offer are the free night downloads and the fast download speed. However, one issue users would first of all have to deal with is the initial setup fee.


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