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Posted by on Tuesday May 27, 2014 at 8:31:7:

MTN's Hynet internet service does come with data bundle plans or packages that allow users to subscribe to the internet and pay only for the data they consume.

One benefit of a prepaid bundled data plan is that you don't have to pay or lose money if there is no internet connection or service is pretty inefficient.

MTN Hynet internet service is among the fastest internet services you can get in Nigeria that I've been using and I have to say, it's fast enough and offers a download speed as high as 2MBps.

There are several internet plans available on MTN's Hynet internet service - a prepaid High speed internet service that operates on a WiMax network. The plans can be divided into Time based plans and data based plans.

The time based plans allow unlimited data downloads for a specified time periond while the data based plan offers internet service on a 24 hr period but comes with a limited data package.

As at the time of writing this, MTN Hynet has a lot of bundled data plans all operating at a speed of 2MBPs and a validity period of 30 days from the data of subscription.

Price: N62500
Data limit: 100GB+25GB extra

Price: 80GB+20GB extra
Data limit: N55000

Price: N45,000
Data limit: 60GB+15GB extra

Price: N36,000
Data limit: 45GB+11GB extra

Price: N30,000
Data limit: 30GB+8GB extra

Price: N20000
Data limit: 20GB+5GB extra

Price: N16000
Data limit: 15GB+4GB extra

Price: N13500
Data limit: 12GB+3GB extra

Price: N11,000
Data limit: 9GB+2GB extra

Price: N8,750
Data limit: 7GB+1GB extra

Price: N6500
Data limit: 5GB+1GB extra

Price: N6000
Data limit: 10GB 6pm-8am

Price: N5000
Data limit: 7GB 11pm-5am

Price: N4000
Data limit: 3GB+1GB extra

As you can see, the most affordable bundled data plan is the one that comes with 4GB and priced at N4,000 while the most expensive is priced at N62,500 and this comes with 125GB as at this date.

You can minimize your data usage on MTN Hynet by simply avoid visiting heavy websites that require a lot of data such as video and gaming websites. If you'd rather want to be able to watch unlimited videos on sites like YouTube and play games, you should rather go for the all day plans that come with unlimited data plans.

To subscribe to a data plan on MTN Hynet, you need to connect your modem to your device, go to, log into your account and choose to select a service. You should also ensure that you have sufficient credit on your account. Your account can normally be topped up with your mobile phone or a recharge card.


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