How to transfer contacts from a Nokia to an Android smartphone

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Posted by on Friday September 20, 2013 at 16:55:25:

There are probably a lot of ways to transfer contacts from one smartphone to another using the features these smartphones already come with such as bluetooth, WiFi, memory card and a pc software, however I'd like to talk about an easier way to do this for free without having to wast your time.

What you need
- Internet access
- Online backup account

Since most people, actually already have internet access, the only thing remaining is an online backup account.

One of such websites that offers online mobile backup accounts is

You should first of all register for a free online backup account with your email address and then get the synchronization settings configured on your phone.

What to do
- Register with a site e.g. with your email and confirm it

- Go to your Nokia phone's settings and set up a synchronization profile for Phonecopy using their configurations. Your username and password will be the same details you used in registering for the account

- Now go to your phone's sync profile and edit options, under synchronization type, choose "To server only" rather than both or 2 ways. This will allow your files to be uploaded faster from phone to the serve

- Go back and initiate the synchronization

- When complete, you can check your online account to view the uploaded contacts, calendar and notes

- Go to your Android phone and download the PhoneCopy.apk app from their website. You may also download it on your computer and then transfer it to your Android and install it.

- Open the PhoneCopy app and log in with your same username and password

- When logged in, go to Advanced > Advanced setting and select "Server to phone"

The phone contacts you initially uploaded from your Nokia device will now be downloaded to your Android smartphone within a few seconds. I was able to transfer about 300 contacts using this method within about 10 seconds.


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