How much is the Tecno Phantom A+ phone?

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Posted by on Thursday September 26, 2013 at 12:13:23:

The Phantom A+ phone is the latest Tecno phone as at 2013 and this is an upgrade from former Tecno phones and most closely related to Tecno Phantom. It is a smartphone that is powered by an Android 4.2 Operating System(0.S.)

I did an earlier review of the phone here and just listed a price range since the market price would probably vary from one Tecno dealer to another.

There are lot of people who would want to buy the Phantom A plus but are a bit confused at to how much it is actually worth in the market. Ordinarily, at the Tecno official website, there are not prices listed there other than the features of the phone.

The price for the Tecno phone would certainly vary from one seller to seller who have bought them at dealer prices from the source.

As at the time of writing this review, I did a check on the prices of the phone from various online shopping websites in Nigeria and here is what I got:

- At Kara, a black phantom a+ it was offered for N38,0000($237)
- At Konga, a while phantom a+ was offered at N35,490(@221)
- At, a black one was offered for N40,500
- It was not available at Jumia but last listed price was at around N35,495

So I guess I was a bit right with the price range which I initially said ranges from 35k to 38k in Nigerian currency. You can buy the phone online or offline by visiting local Tecno dealers in your area.

The Tecno phone currently available in the market are brand new phones which are selling fast. The price may fall further in maybe after 1 or 2 years time when other higher version are introduces to the market.


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