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Posted by on Tuesday May 21, 2013 at 16:25:9:

Most phone companies do offer a phone backup service it offers to their subscribers who want to keep their contact list safe. Nowadays, due to the growth in mobile technology, it's not just phone numbers you can store on your backup service, you could also store reminders, calendars, pictures, videos and other items stored in your mobile phone.

Just think of it this way, you don't want to ever lose your phone data if you've got over 100 contacts already. Maybe it may be easy to replace 10 or 20 contacts by simply calling them or waiting for them to call you back but when we are talking of a large number of people on your list, that alone is even more valuable than your mobile phone.

For people who've got a lot of useful information on their phone such as phone contacts of people they've known most of their lives, pictures, anniversaries, meeting schedules and so on, a backup service really proves useful.

A backup service allows a subscriber to save the phone numbers of his contacts in a secure place so as to be able to retrieve it anytime in the future he/she has need of it.

There may be many places you can use as a secure location for your backup but the online service is a but more secure as it affords on the ability to have access to those data from any location he is without carrying a physical backup storage.

If you are currently using a mobile phone, ensure that you back up your phone contents and with most providers, you can do this with a click of a button from your sim menu.

Online backup services may come at a reduced fee or e even free depending on your phone company's plan and terms of service. You should just take advantage of that service cause it affords you the opportunity to store your data in a secure server and remotely so that in case you ever lose it, you could always retrieve it with ease.

Backup services are normally linked to mobile phone numbers and so you'd need to access the service with the same number you initially subscribed to it. If you lost your mobile phone or sim, you could always get a new one from your provider since you are already registered - You would just need to provide some valid documentation to prove that you are the rightful owner. A sim swap will then be done and you could then retrieve your lost phone data with a new phone

Online backup services are normally made possible using the internet and you mobile phone would only be able to access it is if has already being configured for mobile internet access. You would just need the phone to carry the basic mobile settings for your network and then you'll be able to retrieve your backup up content from that web portal.

When it comes to retrieving data from a web storage to your mobile phone, your sim card already has an online account with that web and this may come with a username and password through which your mobile phone would be able to access that data. Once the backup settings are already configured or downloaded to your phone together with the mobile internet settings, your phone would easily be updated with your old data when it gets synchronized.

In Nigeria, most gsm providers tend to offer online backup services and this has helped to reduce the harsh effects of mobile data loss users had being used to experiencing in the past when they lose their mobile phones. Taking advantage f the backup service your network provides you is a smart thing to do and it doesn't cost much.


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