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Posted by on Monday July 1, 2013 at 17:59:11:

In Nigeria, Nokia ranks among the top selling mobile phones in the country and this probably has to do with the sound technology, durability and quality Nokia phones are known for.

Nokia Lumia 920 is a smartphone produced by Nokia and powered by Windows 8 phone operating system. It is a part of the Lumia series family and it's successor was the Lumia 900.

Permit me to say that I'm a Nokia fan. I've used several kinds of Nokia phones from the 3310 to the N90 and now that Lumia has arrived, I sure know that it is going to take quite some time before we see another smartphone better than the Lumia 920.

Nokia phones are known to be user friendly and yet smart. You know there are some smart phones that are just too complex for average users but Nokia smartphones are not too complex as everyone can get used to it. Whether it's from doing simple things like sending a text message or using a voice command to doing complex computer like tasks, Nokia Lumia sure has a lot to offer.

What makes Nokia Lumia different? What does it offer that previous mobile phones don't?

Well, I'm going to analyze some of the features of this smartphone ins this post and you can add your reviews too.

It's durable and flat: Yes! Even though it looks a bit thin, it's still very strong. I recall a friend's phone that got climbed by car tyre. Only the glass broke and he got a replacement with the phone working fine.

Wireless charging: Allows you to charge a mobile phone without the need for a wire. So it allows for charging via induction while also making provision for normal wired charging. This type of inductive charging means that electric current can be transferred to the phone from the charging pad from a range of about 4 cm.

Camera: Nokia's Lumia's camera is said to come with 8.7MP and makes use of Pure view technology as well as image stabilization too. So it allows images and videos to be taken more accurately and with clarity.

Connectivity: It can operate with 4G networks where available. It also has bluetooth and wifi capability.

Media: Nokia Lumia plays both mp3 and mp4 videos. It also allows for media streaming from their online store.

Estimated price in Nigeria: N50,000 to N100,000

Release date: November 2012


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