How to configure GPRS settings manually on your Android phone

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Getting your Android phone to browse the internet requires that you configure it with the correct internet settings such as GPRS settings. Ofcourse, if your Android also has wifi capability, it could as well make use of wifi hotspots.

Android smart phones can use GPRS connections to facilitate an exchange of information across the mobile web. GPRS settings can be configured manually for Android phones if the phone is bought without them.

The GPRS Settings for GSM providers come in the following format:

port: 9201 or 8080

How to set it up
Before starting the process check on all the requirements necessary from the service provider and follow the below steps:

- Get the correct GPRS settings from your network provider
- Go to the menu on your phone and select the settings tab where you will find the list of applications.
- From the applications select the wireless and network and scroll down to the mobile networks and click access point names
- Select the menu and a tap New APN and a new window will appear.
- Click the drop down menus and type the network settings and save them.
- You may also need to create a new APN GPRS and then save the network parameters

*When you save the settings without the name of the new created APN the system may give a message indicating the error.

After completion, the GPRS settings will be in the list found in the APN section of the Android phone and you should set it as your default settings

Now you can always browse the internet with your Android phone whenever GPRS connections are available.

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i need my phon 2 confegr

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