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Posted by on Thursday August 22, 2013 at 12:23:10:

If you are using a Nokia E52 phone and want to be able to browse the web with it using a GPRS connection, your phone needs for be first of all set up with the right GPRS settings and you can do this manually or automatically.

This tutorial is on how to manualy configure your phone with the GPRS settings and the network I'm using is MTN Nigeria.

What are your network's settings?
You need to first of all know what the basic settings are for your network. For MTN Nigeria, these are the settings?

Username: web
Password: web
Home page:
IP address:

Doing the manual configuration
- Go to your phone's menu > Ctrl panel > Settings > Connection > Destinations > Access point
- Select to add new access point
- Select no if asked to automatically check for available access points
- Select "Packet data" as access point
- Under data access point name, enter the access point name e.g.
- Select destination name as Internet
- Go to internet > or the access point name you just created
- Change connection name to a name you can remember e.g. MTN GPRS
- Enter the other details as follows:
Data bearer = packet data
Access point name :
User name: web
Prompt Password: No
Password: web
Authentication: Normal
Homepage: blank or other page e.g.
Use access point: Automatically

- Now, Select options: > Advanced settings >
- Network type: IPV4
- Phone ip address: Automatic
- DNS addresses: Automatic
- Proxy server address:
- Proxy port number: 8080

Now go to your phone's browser and try to browse, when asked for a connection to use, select the gprs connection name you have created and you will be connected to the web, anytime a GPRS connection is available from your network.


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