How to charge your mobile phone's battery with your laptop

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Posted by on Thursday January 16, 2014 at 17:26:13:

My mobile phone just went off and I'm going to wait for up to 3 hours from now before I'll have time to recharge it no thanks to Nigeria's epileptic power company.

Anyways, I do remember I wrote a blog post on how one can recharge a phone's battery without making use of the power grid. It's true, you can recharge your phone using other alternative source of energy like the sun, wind, batteries and other sources

This is tutorial on how to recharge a phone's battery using your laptop's battery.

Things needed
- A laptop with charged battery
- A micro-USB to USB cable
- A mobile phone with a micro-USB port

Since I normally charge up to 4 of my laptop batteries in advance due to the unpredictable power supply, this was useful to me as I was able recharge my phone's battery using my laptop

How to do it
- Switch on your laptop
- Plug in the small end of the cable to your phone and plug the other end to your laptop's USB port
- You'd notice that it has started charging
- Allow it to charge for a while
- Unplug your phone when you are finished

Some electrons will be transferred from your laptop's battery to your phone's battery and this would help in recharging it. If you leave it on for long, it would eventually fully charge your mobile phone but it could drain your laptop's battery.

I guess if one is living in a country where electricity supply is not constant like in Nigeria, you'd need to keep some fully charged batteries ready to cater for emergency needs.


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