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Posted by on Wednesday August 20, 2014 at 15:5:13:

One of the most anticipated Android smartphones called the Infinix Zero is now available for pre-order at just NGN20,900 and it's to be sold exclusively on Konga's shopping website.

One thing that really fascinates me about the Infinix Zero apart from the fact that it comes with the latest Android mobile Operating system is that it's protected by Gorilla glass 3 technology. Some people don't really know that a Gorilla glass 3 is. It's basically hardened glass that can withstand shock and it's highly unscratchable if there's any word like that. Some say you can even strike a hammer or step your shoes on it and yet the glass will remain unbroken. Well, even if a Gorilla stumps on the Infinix Zero case, the glass won't be broken. So, both the front and back are protected by a Gorilla 3 glass. Gorilla glass 3 is not the first type of hardened and durable glass technology used in history. There has been Gorilla glass 2 and Gorilla glass 1 but the GG3 is the best so far as at 2013 and it's basically an improvement on the former ones. It basically helps make your phone highly resistant and unbreakable since it has been chemically treated and strengthened.

Another cool thing about the Infinix Zero is that it has dual SIM capability and this simply means that it can work with 2 SIMs. Given the number of GSM networks we have in Nigeria and given some of their inefficiencies, it only makes sense to have subscribe to more than one network. For now I use 2 networks and the Infinix Zero would suit me better. Dual SIM phones allows people to be able to use 2 GSM networks without having to carry 2 phones. It's laughable to think that a few years ago, some Nigerians were even carrying 3 phones - One for MTN, a second for Glo and a third for Etisalat. Now, you just need one phone and you could easily enjoy the services of 2 networks with a dual sim phone.

A lot of buzz has been created about the coming of Infinix Zero to Nigeria and some other African countries and the fact that it's going to be sold at a reasonably low price. Well, the phone is available for pre-order now at Konga and you can order one in advance now for just N20,900.

Order for an Infinix Zero phone today

A lot of people have asked about how much the Infinix Zero phone is or what the price is and where to get one. Well, I remember vividly in one of my posts about the Infinx Zero, I mentioned that it was going to sell at less than N25k. Well, that estimated price has now been confirmed as it now sells for N20,900.

If you are still asking where you can buy an Infinix Zero, well the place to buy is it at Konga because they are the ones exclusively selling it online.

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Re: Pre-order the Infinix Zero smartphone at only NGN20,900 Reply by Victor Sampson on Wednesday December 3, 2014 at 15:23:52:

How long does it takes for the supply of infinix zero (x506 with 16gb) and if the price still remain what is displayed on net then am much interested

Re: Pre-order the Infinix Zero smartphone at only NGN20,900 Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday December 3, 2014 at 15:23:52:

This one has finished. The new infinix zero now sells for about N23k since it comes with more internal memory storage.

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