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Posted by on Friday February 27, 2015 at 10:46:1:

Android mobile phones are in vogue nowadays as more people have them and as old ones tend to get old due to prolonged usage, new ones also get released and there normally comes a need to replace your old Android phone.

I've been using a Samsung phone for a while but it later developed some problems and I just had to get a Teco F7 phone which was also an android. When it comes to doing a backup for my phone contacts, I normally make use of an online back up service provided by PhoneCopy and they offer a free service as long as one has less than 500 contacts to back up on their database.

Well, I was actually about to do something stupid when I lost all the contacts on my PhoneCopy database as well as my new phone and my Samsung phone still had most of my contacts.

What stupid thing did I try to do? Well, I wanted to first upload my contacts from my old phone to PhoneCopy before downloading it again to my new phone and then just realized that I was going about it the wrong way. I mean, both phones were in my hand and there had to be a way to transfer it from one to another without the need for using data or uploading it to my online backup service.

That was when I remembered that Android phones can transfer contacts using Bluetooth or a memory card. Well, using Bluetooth seemed to be a bit faster since both phones had the same operating system and so I didn't even need to use the memory card option which I last used when transferring from a Nokia to an Android.

How to do it
Here is a break down of how I did it:

- Switch on the bluetooth connection for both Android phones
- Paired both android devices using a passkey
- Go to contacts to select and transfer contacts by Bluetooth
- Send it to the receiving device shown as a paired device
- Choose to receive it at the other device by selecting accept

The Contacts will be loaded in the other Android device from the VCF file it downloaded.

For the about 400 contacts I transferred, it only took under 15 seconds and I think this is the fastest option to transfer contacts between Android devices.

You could also transfer contacts using the memory card and that works for most devices that may not even be powered by an Android operating system.

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