Why typing on mobile phones can be bad for your eyes

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Posted by Felix Okoli on Thursday December 5, 2013 at 12:7:27:

If you are one of those mobile phone users that spend a lot of time chatting or sending text messages, perhaps after reading this you may have to rethink how often you use your mobile phone.

Mobile phones are basically small portable computers that allow you to basically make and receive voice calls. Yeah, that's primarily the main reasons why mobile phones were made in the first place. However, as technology grew, we've moved on from just speaking on the phone using technologies like GSM. Nowadays, we do more than just speaking as text messages, browsing, taking pictures and video chatting are part of what today's smartphones can do.

You know, it's been said that too much computer usage is bad for your eyes especially if you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time reading or typing on a computer. However, computers are even much better for your eyes than a laptop since they are not that close to your eyes.

Mobile phones have a smaller screen and hence causes more eye strain than computers so apart from just giving you some stress when scrolling down the list in your phone book, it gives your eyeballs even more stress each time you look closer just to type a text message or chat.

I thank God I wasn't caught into the blackberry craze when it started and even now that blackberry is on other platforms. I mean, it's bad enough for your eyes when you use computers so why spend more time on smaller screen computers like mobile phones.

Reports have show that when a person spends more time gazing at smaller computer or digital screens, it causes eye strain and in the long term would normally lead to short-sightedness and so the best way to ensure that you grow old gracefully with your eyes in tact is to spend less time looking at your mobile phone.

It's probably ok if you just want to make a call or send a quick text message but spending a lot of time on your phone browsing, chatting or watching mp4 videos would have a negative effect on your eyes in the long term.


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