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Posted by on Tuesday February 25, 2014 at 11:14:45:

As online shopping websites keep growing in Nigeria, it's not just the clothing, electronics or academic departments that are involved but there is also the food department.

Nowadays, sites like EasyAppetite have come into the picture and they are basically a food niche website that allows one to order for food on the internet and even choose to pay cash on delivery.

One thing that is common among Food delivery websites like EasyAppetite is the fact that they offer same day delivery and it is only fitting that they do so. I mean, who would want to order for ready food when it's not going to be delivered in a few minutes.

EasyAppetite is a growing website that covers most towns in Lagos such as Yaba, Surulere, Lekki, Ajah, Festac, Idumota, Ikeja, Ikoyi, Ikorodu, Isolo, Ketu, Bariga, Unilag and Victoria Island.

What I love specifically about EasyAppetite is their low delivery fees and these are basically the extra fees you pay for the food to be delivered to you.

What EasyAppetite basically offers to people is the ability to order for food from a variety of restaurants they are already used to and they also get to order from them at the same rate that it's being sold at those outlets. The only extra fee one would pay is the delivery fee and in some cases it's even free from some restaurants or based on how much order is being placed.

I think, one thing about ordering for food online in Nigeria is the delivery time. How long does it take to receive a delivery after placing an order? As far as I know, no one would want to wait for food to be delivered much longer than is necessary when he is hungry.

Well, EasyAppetite offers a kind of time frame for delivery based on the opening hours for each restaurant. However, I don't think you should just order for breakfast and hope they delivery within minutes. It's probably a good site for ordering for lunch and late lunch as work closes.

You no longer have to leave your office or home just to go at most of the restaurants you normally visit if they are already listed on EasyAppetite because if you calculate the costs, it may actually cost you more when you make a physical visit. So just order for your food online and wait a few minutes for it to be delivered.

How do your order for food with EasyAppetite? Well first of all, one has to visit the homepage and then choose your location or delivery address. The next step is to choose a restaurant and afterwards, the food you want to order. After adding items to your order, you can choose to get a delivery or do a pickup yourself. Well, for me, I prefer the delivery or why else would I be using the internet in the first place?

Once your order has been placed, you'd normally get a phone call from the restaurant to confirm your order and afterwards, it will be sent to you. One receipt of your food order, you would view the invoice and pay cash to the courier and afterwards, go ahead and enjoy your meal. You are also free to microwave your meal for about 3 minutes just to reheat it and kill any bacteria.

Personally, I live in Surulere and love the fact that I can order from restaurants like Southern Shawarma, Tastee Fried Chicken and Dee Nigerian Delicacies. There are a lot of food products on the menu for each restaurant.

One problem I do have with ordering for food online on sites like EasyAppetite is that some of the restaurants use description like N1000 per portion instead of using specific rates and quantities like N1000 per kg. I mean, if you were selling me a pot of Egusi soup or Goat head, tell me how much quantity I'm actually going to get rather than saying "per portion". Who gets to decide what a portion really is?

Well, EasyAppetite is really a cool website to order for food online in Nigeria and you can choose from your local restaurants whatever foods you like whether you want to order from an Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Calabar or even Chinese kitchen.


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