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Posted by on Monday August 25, 2014 at 14:43:45:

The Apple iPad is Apple's best tablet so far as far as 2014 is concerned as it comes with a long generation of technologically advanced tablets called iPads such as the iPad 1 to the current iPad Air which was released in 2014.

It can be frustrating buying an iPad in Nigeria because prices are hardly fixed and you'd hardly know if you were buying a new iPad or a refurbished one at the right price. Actually, one tip to avoid buying a refurbished or used iPad is to buy the latest version almost as soon as it is released. Another way to avoid getting scammed is by buying it from the right dealers and reliable sources.

Buying an iPad in Nigeria is not something that can be considered a piece of cake for most Nigerians as it can be a bit expensive for most people and that's why I guess not everyone can afford to buy one. You don't buy an iPad everyday and so, if you must buy one, it's normally good to make a good spending decision by buying at the right price and with the right packaging and warranty. Although Apple started retail it's latest iPad air tablet at $299(N49500) for the 16GB Wifi only model, it sells for about $370(N60000) in the Nigerian market since importers have to include costs like shipping and custom duties. Prices could get cheaper for older versions or used ones while prices would increase for newer versions and ones with more features and capacity.

There are probably many markets in Nigeria where electronic gadgets such as the iPad but you might need to be street smart so at not to get outsmarted at most of those markets. Prices of electronics are not regulated in Nigeria and iPad sellers are not all trustworthy. You could get cheated when you decide to buy an iPad in Nigeria and it can be hard trying to find the right market to buy from and this is why I recommend buying it online from reputable online shopping sites in Nigeria.

There are now a lot of online shopping sites in Nigeria who sell electronic gadgets like iPads and they tend to compete against each other in the market. They know how to get items for a discount and then sell it to Nigerians at a reasonably low retail price. You can save money by buying your iPad from them rather than going physically to markets to buy it. The good thing is that you can also make returns assuming there is a default on the product as it does come with a warranty.

The benefits of buying an iPad from online shopping websites includes the fact that pricing is competitively low, conditions are clearly stated, you'd get to know what's included in the whole package, avoid traffic, get free delivery and you can also make returns if you are unsatisfied with your iPad.

When you buy an iPad online in Nigeria, you can choose to have it delivered at your home or office and may even choose not to pay until it has been delivered to you. You'd be able to choose from a wide range of iPad packages such as Wifi only, 3G inclusive, 16GB or 32GB and so on. You will also be able to compare prices across several shopping sites.

Cool shopping websites I recommend you should buy your iPad from:

1. Konga

2. Jumia

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