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Posted by on Tuesday March 11, 2014 at 18:12:2:

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is a popular destination and they even have a couple of other growing regional sites outside the USA like in the UK, Japan, China and France. is the popular destination for US shoppers who want to buy things online. What I personally love about is that you'd be able to find a lot of great stuff you ordinarily need for your home or office there. This is really important more especially when those items you want to buy are not available on local websites or stores.

I've been able to get a lot of great deals when shopping on and these includes products like laptops, flash drives as well as car accessories. The thing about shopping on is that it connects you to a large warehouse of products that are mostly made in the USA or at least meant for USA market. The items are normally of high quality and standard and come with a good reasonable too.

What I also love about is that they accept buyers from around the world they are gradually expanding and who knows, in the near future, they may just be able to cover the whole world with their international shipping services.

For most international shoppers however, doesn't offer direct international shipping for most products. There are some items, infact most items are only shipped to US or American addresses only and it'll be hard to buy an item there and hope for it to get shipped to you outside the USA. Unless you are buying small items like DVDs, VHS or books, it'll be hard getting most items shipped outside the USA to you.

The trick to shopping on from outside the USA lies in getting a USA shipping address and you are always welcome to use the credit/debit card and billing address from your country. You'd be able to get any item you want from shipped to a US address you specify if you include that in your shipping details.

How then do you get a US shipping address for your Well, there are countless of such services available on the internet and you could just sign up with them.

Just look for a US mail forwarding service and get registered. You will be a given a US shipping address which you can use for receiving most of your purchased item from Amazon. Once you use that US shipping address and your credit card, your items will normally be shipped to that US address and it would be warehoused for you until you are ready to ship to your country.

How it works
- Sign up with a US mail forwarding service
- Add the US address to your Amazon account
- Look for items you want to buy on
- Ensure that it is not import prohibited in your country
- Purchase it on Amazon an pay online
- Track the shipping to your US address(Take advantage of free shipping)
- Order for the international shipping to your country and pay the fee
- Track your items via DHL or Fedex till it gets to your doorstep.

The above is mainly for buying physical stuff on from outside the USA. If you however want to buy digital stuff from Amazon, your IP and address may be restricted from doing so but you can also bypass that if you add a US billing credit card, US address and also make use of a USA VPN service.

Things you can buy from Amazon
You can buy almost anything you want such as the following and ship outside the USA:

Apparel & Accessories
Camera & Photo
Cell Phones & Accessories
Musical Instruments
Office Products

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Amazon.


Re: How to shop on from outside the USA Reply by larrychekker on Friday November 7, 2014 at 10:26:16:

hello, felix. I read one ur blogs on buying stuffs via parcel forwarders for items tht arent shipped internationally. I hav an issue i've being tryg to resolve but have gotten no answer. It is about gettg the shipping extimate for a list of items i.e not just one item. I've emailed most parcel forwarders but all they do is refer me to their shipping calculator. I'll b grateful if u can help me out on this. Thank you

Re: How to shop on from outside the USA Reply by Felix Okoli on Friday November 7, 2014 at 10:29:14:

hello, felix. I read one ur blogs on byyg stuffs via parcel forwarders for items tht arent shipped internationally. I hav an issue i've being tryg to resolve but have gotten no answer. It is about getting the shipping
If you want to know the shipping estimate for a combination of items, then what you have to do is first check for their shipping weight on those websites, add them together and then use the shipping calculator provided by the mail forwarding service you want to use. A site like Amazon offers estimated shipping weight for most of their items. Just add them together and you'll be able to estimate the total shipping cost for those items.

If you provided me with the total shipping weight and the destination you are sending it to, I might be able to help further.

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