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Posted by on Thursday March 13, 2014 at 8:53:47:

If you are an eBay seller, you might probably be scared of selling an item to a Nigerian given the bad reputation a few Nigerians have on that platform. There have been lots of sellers who got defrauded on eBay because they shipped stuff to a Nigerian address from the USA after it seemed they received a payment from the buyer. Well, I guess that's why eBay recommends that you only ship items to the billing address of the buyer rather than to some other address even if the buyer or Nigerian claims it is a gift.

Just because a few Nigerians may have defrauded honest eBay sellers doesn't mean that majority of Nigerians are fraudsters. In fact, you'd actually find that there are a whole lot of other Nigerians who will be willing to pay for items on eBay with cash if only they would be shipped to Nigeria.

Anyway, as an eBay seller, one way to stay safe is to only ship to verified Paypal billing addresses and not to somewhere else specified by the seller.

Inspite of the fact that US websites like don't have a presence in Nigeria, there are actually a growing number of Nigeriasn who now shop online from West Africa, pay with their Nigerian money and receive the items they've bought from eBay at their homes or offices in Nigeria through international courier providers like DHL, UPS and Fedex.

How Nigerians shop on eBay
I think there are 2 ways through which Nigerians buy things on eBay and these are:

- Doing it themselves
- Paying an agent to do it for them

Doing it themselves
In this case a Nigerian can shop on eBay by simply registering for an eBay and Paypal account and then making payments for the goods which will be shipped to a US warehousing address where they have an account. Afterwards, they may decide to ship it to Nigeria. Nowadays, there are lots of US warehousing and shipping services available to Nigerians who can pay with their internationally accepted Visa card, Mastercard or even with a Bank Wire. There may also make use of VPN services that allow then to change their IP address so they don't get limited by eBay or Paypal when shopping.

There are also Nigerians in the USA who may still shop on eBay directly and get it shipped to their US address. If they are international business travelers, they may also buy a lot of such stuff in bulk and then carry it back themselves to Nigeria.

Paying an agent to do it for them
For most Nigerians, this is an easier method and it basically involves paying a US agent to buy the items for them on eBay and then ship it to Nigeria.

The Nigerian would not need to have an eBay or Paypal account but as long as he has an account with the US agent who warehouses and ships his goods, he would be able to select items he wants on eBay and then pay an extra commission to get it in Nigeria.

In this case, the Nigerian buyer would first go to eBay and collect the url links for the item(s) he wants to buy and then requests for a Personal shopping service from the US company to buy and ship it on his behalf. The cost for the service are checked and the Nigerian's account is billed for the service. Payment can also be made by means of cards or bank wire from Nigeria.

Shipping to Nigeria
Apart from the purchase of the goods from eBay, Nigerians would also have to pay for the final international shipping to Nigeria and this comes at a cost that can be estimated at the website of international courier services and it mostly depends on weight and size of the package. A laptop weighing about 5 pounds and 16 inches may cost about $90 to ship to Nigeria. It takes about 5 working days for an item to be shipped to Lagos, Nigeria from the USA.


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Re: How Nigerian residents shop on eBay Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday November 12, 2014 at 16:24:27:

ebay doesn't accept buyers from Nigeria talkless of sellers. ebay will not pay you in Nigeria and besides how are you going to deliver goods to buyers? Unless you have a US contact that can deliver the item to you and also a US bank account to receive payment, it may be impossible.

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