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Posted by on Tuesday March 25, 2014 at 11:9:16:

It seems not all services or links that are listed on Quickteller.com are actually working full time. I recently tried to fund my Stanbic Mobile Money account through the website: quickteller.com/stanbicMM and I got an error saying "This Transaction has expired".

I'm not sure what exactly they mean by my transaction has expired since I know that I didn't waste much time in requesting for the service. I tried it again and still got the error "This Transaction has expired".

What does Quickteller expect customers to understand by the term "This transaction has expired"? I think the correct phrase would have been "This service is no longer supported" or "This service is no longer available" or again "". It seems that the programmers just put in some words there just to fill in a gap for a service they don't support but it really doesn't make much sense to users who are using the service.

Personally, as a user, when I first got the error feedback, what I thought was that I was too slow in responding to it but when I tried again and much faster, it still gave the the same error. It seems that the phrase "This transaction has expired" probably means the same as "This service is inactive" or something else.

Anyway, If you are faced with the same error, it's probably because they don't support the service you are trying to access. Perhaps they supported it in the past or are planning to support it in the future but it is simply not available for now and that's why you are getting the error.


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