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Posted by on Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 12:43:15:

DealDey is one of the online shopping websites which I've tried out and I'm loving it.

Sure, there are a growing number of shopping websites in Nigeria but most of them are unlike DealDey - a unique website where you can find good products and services at a really good price.

You are probably used to spending money perhaps on weekends or weekdays either for the basic things you need or just for things that give you satisfaction. Whatever it is that you are looking for, I think you should actually stop going out to buy them until you've first checked out if there are available at the DealDey shopping website. It could save you money.

I recently did my shopping at Dealdey for an electronic item which I needed for my home. I initially did not set out to shop but was just checking out(window shopping) the latest deals on the website until I noticed something I really needed which was selling at a good price.

Ordering for stuff at DealDey is quite easy as it basically requires you to click on the Buy button after checking out the Deal details. You should also be logged into your account.

Checking out the details of the deal is important as it lays out the contents of the offer and it forms part of the contract you are just about entering into before making payment. If there is anything missing in the deal details, don't expect it to be included in the final package.

Clicking on the Buy button took me to my shopping cart and I was able to checkout by clicking on the Proceed button.

You will be taken to another page where you'd be asked to choose a delivery or pickup address. You can choose a pickup address that is close to where you live. I chose to pick mine up at the A.O.L. mall Surulere Lagos since I was going to go there anyway. The next step is for making payment. They've got pickup locations in Lagos(Surulere, Ikoyi, Ikeja and Lekki), Port Harcourt(Stadium Road) and Abuja(CBD) last time I checked. So they don't charge any delivery fees since you'd be doing a pickup yourself. It seems they just open up small pickup outlets close to where they are a potential high number of customers.

On the payment page, you can choose to make payment from either your DealDey wallet or with your Debit card. I was glad that they've now included debit card payments unlike in the past where one had to first fund his wallet. Since I'm used to using my Verve card online, I chose this payment option. You can also use your Visa or Naira Mastercard on DealDey.

Your payment completes your order and you'd be notified when your order is available for collection at your selected Pickup center.

I got notifications on my mobile phone as well as email after making the order and I got to know when my order was processed and when it was available for a pickup at my preferred location.

Going to the DealDey pickup center was the next thing I did to collect my stuff and it came packaged in a customized DealDey bag. The only thing you needed to provide when you are there is your mobile phone number and also confirm your name. I was a bit worried that they didn't ask for an ID card or the order ID on my phone. I think they should increase the security level for people collecting items by just providing a phone number or perhaps they probably do that for high value items.

Anyway, shopping at DealDey was a wonderful experience and it's good to at least have an office and see a representative physically you can talk to in case one has issues with his shopping experience.

Shopping with DealDey allowed me to save time on my shopping and chose to do a pickup at a time when I'm most comfortable with. This is better than some shopping websites where you can't specifically schedule a delivery date or time for your order. It saves time because it allowed me to just walk in and walk out within 3 minutes and you can hardly try that when you are physically shopping on some local shopping malls in Nigeria.

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