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Posted by on Saturday September 6, 2014 at 10:5:4:

It's great that there are growing number of local online shopping websites in Nigeria and Nigerians have now gotten used to the idea of shopping online. I mentioned some of these pioneer shopping websites here and they allow buyers to buy items they want on the internet and make payments in Naira using a credit/debit card or cash on delivery.

However, with the recent introduction of Paypal payments in Nigeria, the number of payment options available to online shoppers has only increased.

There are numerous websites now where Nigerians can buy things online from and make payments using their Paypal Nigeria account.

Having a Paypal account in Nigeria allows one to make payments in any Paypal currency using a Naira debit/credit card issued by a Nigerian bank. Nigerians can send money with Paypal in currencies such as the US dollars, British Pounds and French Francs but for now cannot receive payments.

There are probably a number of Nigerians who have foreign based Paypal accounts and probably use them for doing international transactions but now that Paypal in Nigeria, there really is no need to use foreign accounts to make Paypal payments from Nigeria.

If you are an online shopper in Nigeria and would not want to limit yourself to local online shopping websites like Konga or Jumia, you can try out shopping on some of the following shopping websites based in the UK and China.

Shopping websites that ship to Nigeria and accept Paypal
- Riverisland
- MiniInTheBox
- DHGate
- Aliexpress

The first three I mentioned above are based in the UK while the last 2 are based in China and they all ship to Nigeria.

How it basically works with those international shopping websites is that you'd first create an account with them and then use your Nigerian billing and shipping address. You can then order for anything you want and Pay with your Nigerian Paypal after which they would ship the items to you using using NIPOST or DHL depending on your choice.

Re: Nigerians can now shop online and pay with Paypal Reply by larry chekker on Sunday October 12, 2014 at 5:8:31:

it's my experience that getting to simply reply to email is impossible. They keep sendg me the same automated responses. How then does one deal with them? I wanted them to giv me an estimate for a list of items i wanted to buy.

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