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Posted by on Thursday September 24, 2015 at 9:41:11:

Imagine being able to buy a TV that normally costs N50,000 for just N40,000 or baby products that normally costs N10k for N7k. This is what a growing number of shopping websites in Nigeria now offer - The ability to spend less of your monthly income on those things you want to buy.

It's one thing to work so hard for many days in a month before getting paid and another thing to also spend that money wisely. Some people even spend their salaries before the salary is actually paid by making use of credit purchases where merchants provide it but they may still be spending more than they need to if they don't check out what other sellers are offering.

Some shopping websites offer Nigerians the ability to spend less of their monthly income or salary on things they usually buy or would want to buy at the end of the month. Many Nigerians normally wait till the end of the month to do their main shopping but not many of them do get discounts when doing so and so they end up spending much. Wouldn't it be better if they get deals at the end of that month that takes less of their income?

Well, this is possible in Nigeria if they take advantage of online shopping websites such as Konga and Jumia who offer what we refer to as Pay Day shopping deals.

Konga Pay day shopping is a shopping deal targeted to buyers in Nigeria who want to buy things at a discount with their monthly pay.

Jumia Pay day deals is also monthly shopping deal that allows Nigerian buyers to buy things from Jumia with their monthly income at a good price which has been discounted.

With online Pay day deals, you'd get to save more of your disposable monthly income buying those things you want to buy because you'd get them at a more reasonable price and the more items you buy, the more money you will be saving. It's that simple.

Checkout Konga's Pay Day shopping deals

Checkout Jumia's Pay Day shopping deals

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