Amazon is offering $70 discount off a Refurbished Kindle Fire HD 8.0

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Posted by on Saturday September 6, 2014 at 10:30:48:

If you've never bought a Kindle Fire tablet before but secretly nursed the ambition of owning one, one smart way you can do so and save money is by buying it now. is currently offering a $70 off a Refurbished Kindle Fire 8.9 inch tablet and this means it's selling for just $129. At that price, it's even cheaper than a brand new Kindle Fire HD.

A lot of people might not readily understand what Kindle's 8.9 inch Fire tablet really is. It's the best Kindle Fire HD tablet and it comes with an 8.9 inch screen display.

Why this offer? Why the discount? Well, they do this from time to time and this is also probably because it's already out of the box and not exactly a new tablet. Refurbished Kindle tablets are just like new and they are better than used ones.

One of the cool ways to save money when buying electronic gadgets like the Kindle is by buying the refurbished ones rather than buying it new. It's the same thing with Ipads - New versions tend to be more expensive than used or refurbished ones. Refurbished means that new life has been added to it and old defective parts have been replaced.

The offer is available as at the time of writing this and If you've always wanted to have a 8.9 inch Kindle, this is one opportunity you shouldn't be missing. It's gonna save you some money and they don't do this everyday.

Get the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 for just $129

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