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Posted by on Thursday November 6, 2014 at 17:34:52:

What do you do if you have Paypal funds but don't just want to use it to shop on eBay, MiniInTheBox or any other Paypal powered shopping website? What if you wanted to use your Paypal funds to shop on other US websites like Amazon? Amazon for now doesn't accept Paypal as a means of payment but you can still use your Paypal funds to buy things from Amazon indirectly. You just have to convert it to a a form of payment which is accepted by Amazon. Yes, you can now convert your Paypal funds into Amazon gift cards.

One of the reasons why I like buying Amazon gift cards at times is because of the fact that gift cards don't ever expire at least for as long as is alive. They also help you offset your bill when you shop on the rich shopping website.

I've recently discovered a cool website that basically sells Amazon gift cards for Paypal. All it basically requires is that you have a Paypal account with funds and then use it for buy Amazon gift cards on their website.

GYFT is the website I'm talking about and they don't just sell only Amazon's gift cards but a variety of other gift cards as well. GYFT sells gift cards for a wide variety of cool American based websites such as, BestBuy, Dell, iTunes, GameStop, Kohl's, Starbucks, Victoria's secret, Zappos, Zeevex and so on.Barnes and Noble, Banana republic, American Airlines, Burger King, Footlocker, Facebook, Gap and so on. It's like the one stop place for buying gift cards for most online stores in the USA.

I recently needed to buy things urgently on Amazon and since I was a using a debit card already, I later realized that there were insufficient funds in my account and so I needed an alternative way to make the payment. Since I had recently received a payment into my US paypal account, I tried searching for a way to convert my Paypal funds to Amazon and then Gyft came up in my search.

There might be some cool stuff you might want to buy on Amazon or any other cool shopping website rather than on eBay and might have money in Paypal but don't want to or cannot use your Credit/debit card for the mean time, converting your Paypal funds for a gift card using GYFT is the best option I'd recommend.

To test the website, I first of all ordered for a $10 Amazon gift card from them to see if it's actually going to work and it did within 24 hrs.

After you've made an order on GYFT using your Paypal funds and the transaction is successful, you'd be able to check for your gift card code on the website by simply going to your Account Name > Order History and click on the button that says Click to Reveal Code. The gift card code will be revealed and you'll be able to copy the code and go to the merchant's online store to add it to your account and redeem it.

I copied the Amazon gift card codes and when to to redeem the code, pasted the code and clicked on the submit button after which a $10 credit was added to my account. Amazon also informed me that this balance will never expire! I'm loving this already.

I think this is an easy way to convert your Paypal funds to Amazon gift card and use it for immediate shopping on Amazon.

Buy Gift cards with Gyft

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