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Posted by on Saturday November 8, 2014 at 9:1:37:

I just recently converted my Paypal funds to funds useable on Amazon and I'll be able to use it to buy anything I want on the popular shopping store.

I recently wrote a post on how one can buy Amazon gift cards with his Paypal account and I've tried out the system several times and it worked. This was made possible by GYFT, a reliable gift card store that accepts Paypal payments as well as Bitcoins.

I ordered for about $200 worth of Amazon gift cards from GYFT using funds in my Paypal account and it was processed within 24 hrs. I later got the codes that I was to use in redeeming the gift card in my Amazon account.

It took about 24 hrs for my card to be ready and I was able to copy the gift card code and applied it to my Amazon gift card balance.

Amazon gift cards are one of the acceptable forms of payment accepted on Amazon's shopping website and like most gift cards, it comes with a set of codes that may be printed on a physical card or sent by email. I got mine in digital copy from my GYFT card account and was able to add it to my Amazon's card balance.

Amazon's Gift cards can be used by anybody to pay for shopping on Amazon and it would normally be used to settle your bills before your credit card is used.

Were there any hidden fees? Well, there were none as I got the exact value for the cards I ordered with my Paypal account. So, if you buy gift cards from GYFT worth $100, they are only going to charge $100 to your Paypal account. I think they somehow get a commission for selling gift cards on behalf of stores like Amazon or BestBuy.

For me, this is the most convenient way to move your Paypal money to your Amazon account and it's recommended if you'd rather not use your Paypal funds for shopping on Paypal only sites like eBay or withdrawing it for cash.

Checkout GYFT

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