Konga offers Black Friday deals to Nigerian residents - It's Yakata time

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Posted by on Tuesday November 25, 2014 at 9:43:55:

One of Nigeria's major online shopping websites called Konga is offering Black Friday deals to buyers as a way of encouraging them to spend money wisely just before Christmas. Shoppers could bet as much as a 70% discount on items.

Konga's Black Friday deals will be available to people resident in Nigeria in all the 36 states of the Federation including the capital city Abuja and they are also offering a free delivery service to buyers who spend at least N5000($29) on their order.

One of the striking things about how shopping websites like Konga operates is that apart from allowing buyers to pay in advance using their debit/credit cards, buyers can also decide to pay cash only after the item(s) has been delivered to them. Nigeria is mostly a cash based economy and cards are still being promoted by banks. Some buyers would rather prefer paying cash on delivery than using their cards and Konga understands this.

Shopping on Konga is a bit simplified for the average Nigerian as one could even get registered using a Facebook account. Registration is easy and accounts are normally linked to the buyers mobile phone number. Since it's also now compulsory for bio-metric registration to be done before mobile phone numbers are issued by GSM companies, voice calls to such registered numbers are made by Konga to confirm an order before deliveries are made.

Although Konga doesn't have a physical store like Walmart where Nigerians can visit to pickup items, they do have a large and growing number of customers who are mostly Nigerians that are just getting used to the idea of online shopping. They operate a bit like Amazon with their warehouses across Nigeria and mostly in Lagos and have their own delivery service called KExpress.

Since brands like Konga were among the first to introduce big time online shopping websites to Nigerians and also do have a huge capital base mostly funded by private investors, they already have been able to penetrate the online shopping industry to a great depth.

Konga's black Friday deals will start at about the same day it happens in the USA and this is the Friday following thanksgiving day. In 2014, black Friday will start on November 28th 2014 and is expected to attract a high number of visitors to the shopping portal.

Konga's black Friday shopping sales is also referred to as Yakata sale which is the local name they've given to their black Friday sales. Already, Nigerian shoppers are taking advantage of this as it's not the first time they will be doing their Yakata sale.

To take advantage of low prices on Konga, you just need to buy stuff from the platform during their Black Friday deals. There are also probably going to be a lot of buyers on Konga's website during the period and so it would be mostly done on a first come first served basis. Take advantage of the deal while it lasts because it might be the only time you will be able to get items at the lowest prices in the year.

Konga's black Friday shopping deals will attract a lot of buyers to the shopping website and deals would be grabbed very quickly and that's why you should decide before hand what you really want to buy in advance before the D-Day. Try to make a list of what you really want especially before Christmas if you are in Nigeria and then buy them during Konga's Black Friday sales period. It would really save you some good money which you could use for other things.

When prices fall Yakata, where will you be?

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