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Posted by on Tuesday February 4, 2014 at 15:39:10:

I tried buying meter tokens online today from the new Quickteller website and the transaction did not work out well. It did not go through and the message I got for the 2 times I tried was "Your Payment was not successful. You cancelled the transaction".

I did not cancel the transaction and so I guess the problem was that my payment was not successful. I also don't think that the latter was my fault since I was using an active debit card and there were enough funds in my account. So, it seems that Quickteller has disappointed me once again.

I guess that one of the hazards of trying to pay for bills online in Nigeria. No service provider is really 100% reliable or even up to 80% to be honest. It seems either they have run out of stock of meter tokens or that the service went on a break.

This is not a good thing for a system that it meant to be automatic and powered by modern technology. Service providers like Quickteller are never meant to go offline. The funny thing is that before going to Quickteller, I had already tried a similar transaction with my bank using internet banking and that also did not go through. In fact my bank already charged me even before delivering the PINs which eventually were not delivered. I think even banks need to ensure that their technologies actually verifies that a service has been provided before debiting a customer's account. I'm hoping they'd reverse back the transaction and credit back my account within 24 hrs.

Nigeria has a growing number of problems such as epileptic power supply, GSM network issues, slow internet service, Out of service ATMs as well as inefficient billing system such as the one offered by Quickteller.

I'm using a prepaid meter thanks to the new PHCN in Lagos but the problem I have now is that my credit it running low, already less than 10 points and there doesn't seem to be any other service provider where one can buy electricity meter tokens online other than through Quickteller. Talk about a monopoly!

Re: Quickteller transaction not successful Reply by Okechuks on Monday February 17, 2014 at 8:54:50:

You can't hope to get up to 100% efficiency from any company that offers public service. Even companies like Yahoo go off and on at times but what I love about them is that they inform people ahead and even tend an apology later on

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