Recharging a phone battery with Solar energy

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There is an abundance of Sunlight in many countries in Africa and yet an inefficient power supply system despite the rising demand for electricity by a tech savvy population who are mostly youthful. It is said that the future of the world's economy will be influenced by African, a continent that has a lot of population under the age of 40 years. There are already millions of people who use mobile phones in countries like Nigeria where there is also an abundant supply of the sun's energy and yet, most of these people still make use of generators to recharge their phones.

I was at a market recently in Lagos Nigeria and noticed that there is actually a small business that generates money for recharging mobile phone batteries. It required making use of a small power generator that runs on fuel and then powers electric currents to mobile phone batteries connected on a wide array of sockets. They charge like N50 per day/full charge on a battery. Now that is good business if you ask me and only goes to show that Nigerians really do spend some significant amount of money just to recharge their electrical gadgets since there is a National power problem.

One problem I however noticed with that system is that it requires fuel periodically and also causes pollution since it produces poisonous gases that encourage global warming. Power generators are helpful but they are not green enough more especially if you are just using it just to recharge mobile phone batteries.

A better way to recharge a mobile phone battery is by making use of solar energy. A country like Nigeria has an advantage when it comes to solar power because there is sunlight on most days of the year and this could help people rely less on power generators or the national grid.

Nowdays, there are lots of solar products that people can buy and some of these solar products are even cheaper since they can work without the need for batteries or an inverter. Mobile phones are normally powered by Direct Current(D.C.) and the current which solar cells or panels normally produce are simply in D.C. and so don't require any conversion before being used by to recharge a D.C. battery like that which most mobile phones have.

All it takes to recharge a mobile phone battery is a solar panel that supplies at least 5V and this is even cheaper and different that that required for recharging laptop batteries. There are lots of branded mobile phone solar chargers that are designed exclusively for recharging 5v batteries and you can even buy it online at most shopping websites for a good price.

The Solar charge for mobile phones normally comes with an output slot that allows a cable to be used to connect it's generated current to the charging port of a mobile phone. Some come with USB to MicroUSB ports while others come with multiple ports and also make use of multiple cables for charging a wide range of mobile phones, PDAs and tablets.

Using a solar charger to recharge your mobile phone is quite easy as you just have to place the product in sunlight and then connect the mobile phone battery to it either directly or by making use of a battery charging case such that you can make use of your phone and a second battery while the first battery is charged by sunlight.

If you'd like to use your mobile phone while it is being charged by sunlight but don't want to be under the sun, you could make use of a longer length of cable to connect it to the charger or simply stay under a shade while the charger will be out under sunlight. You might also make use of a bluetooth headset to be able to use your phone remotely without being too close to it.

There are a growing number of solar chargers that are being produced by many nations like the US and China and these products are being exported worldwide especially to countries in Africa where it would be most useful.

Solar chargers are good for cases when there is no immediate availability of electricity for recharging your device and there is sunlight. It's also a good way to save your electric bill and keep the world greener. People can take a solar charger to camp and other places where there is no readily available power supply.

Some people might also not like the idea of keeping their mobile phones under sunlight and would rather be mobile with it. Well, some solar chargers are designed to offer options such as coming with an internal battery or connecting to an external battery pack.

In the case of an internal battery, ,the solar charger apart from being able to recharge an electronic device directly also is able to recharge it's own internal battery during sunlight which can then be later used to recharge another battery afterwards.

A solar charger can also be used to charge an external battery pack(bank) which can then be later used to charge other electronic devices which make use of batteries. A battery pack is basically a box containing a battery that can be used to temporarily hold electric charges which can later be transferred to other electronic devices like mobile phones, pdas, tablets and even laptops. A battery pack can be charged using a solar charger as well as normal AC supply.

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