How to Connect your Kindle Fire HD to your HD TV

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Posted by on Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 13:5:34:

I've got a Kindle Fire HD which I normally enjoy when watching instant movies from Amazon as well as videos I've downloaded from other sites apart from just videos created with my Kindle Fire camera.

I guess that's one of the cool things about the Kindle tablet - It's not just a mini computer. It's also an entertaining device.

Besides doing things like reading e-books, browsing the web and checking email, the Kindle tablet can also offer you entertainment.

If you've got a Kindle Fire HD tablet or higher and would want to display the screen on a secondary device such as a HD TV, well you can easily do this by making use of a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable. HDMI simple means High-Defnition Multimedia Interface and so a HDMI cable allows you to transmit multimedia content from one device to another.

I recommend getting this specific Amazon Basics Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable from Amazon to connect your Kindle to TV.

There are lots of Kindle accessories that can help you to better enjoy your tablet and one of them is a HDMI cable that can connect your Kindle to your TV.

Personally, I use a simple LG HDTV which is not exactly a high end or latest HD TVs but it still works quite well with my Kindle. If you've downloaded a HD video on your Kindle, you are really going to enjoy it when you connect it to your

Once you've connected your Kindle to your HD TV, you'd notice that the audio on the Kindle gets muted while that on your TV gets audible. You can even get better sound effects if your TV is connected to your Home theater or an audio surround speaker system environment. This gets better with HD videos as the quality would be high in both audio and Video.

If you want to enjoy videos on your HD TV, then your Kindle which is the primary or source device would need to contain HD videos which are high quality videos. These can be in mp4 or other video format that your Kindle can play but it must be of high quality and suitable for HD screens else you might not enjoy the video on HD. Smaller low quality videos tend to show black boxes on both sides since they are small in size even though they may show ok on your Kindle. So if you want to be able to view HD videos on your HD TV using your Kindle, then you should only stream or download HD videos to your Kindle.

Does the Kindle tablet's battery get charged when connected to your TV? Well, unlike what happens when you connect your Kindle to other USB ports like your laptop, connecting it to the HDMI port of your TV doesn't recharge the battery but it gets used up as you watch the movie. So, it's best to have a fully charged battery prior to watching Kindle movies on your HDTV.

HDMI Connection
You will notice that tablets like your Kindle Fire HD has a micro-HDMI port and you'd also see a bigger version of that on your HDTV. Well, if both your TV and Kindle have micro HDMI and HDMI ports respectively, then you can connect your Kindle screen to your TV using a suitable HDMI cable.

I personally used the Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable I got from Amazon. I like it because it was tough and really suitable for what I needed. Both sound and Video we ok and no hitches noticed.

Things needed to connect Kindle to TV
- Kindle tablet with micro-HDMI port
- TV with HDMI port
- micro-HDMI to HDMI cable

How to connect
- Ensure your Kindle is powered on
- Connect the smaller end to the Kindle HDMI port first
- Connect the other bigger end to the back of your TV where you see a bigger HDMI port
- Go to your TV's HDMI channel and you'd start seeing your Kindle screen displayed on the TV

Watching videos on my Kindle + HD TV Connection
There are lots of instant movies and TV seasons I've watched on my Kindle and this only gets better with the HD TV connection.
Movies like Oblivion, Iron Man, Gladiator, Hunger games, Supernatural and Suits. It also allows me to have a better viewing experience at watching movie trailers before they are released. Movies like Captain America, Iron Man 3, Ride Along and the Amazing SpiderMan. See More Instant Movies


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