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Posted by on Thursday October 11, 2012 at 15:6:27:

With the recent release of Amazon's kindle Fire HD, techies in Nigeria are already salivating over the device

If you are contemplating getting an e-book reader cum mini tablet like the Kindle Fire HD but concerned about whether it would satisfy your need, well there are certain things you can do with it in Nigeria and certain things you can't do.

What you can't do with Kindle Fire HD in Nigeria
- Take pictures
- Store in Amazon cloud or
- Borrow from the library
- Try out Amazon prime

Well the limitations in Nigeria are not that much but I guess the benefits are overwhelming.

What you can do with a Kindle Fire HD in Nigeria
- Watch movie trailers
- Shop online at Amazon
- Browse the internet
- Watch videos on YouTube
- Watch your own stored videos and listen to store music
- Read your own stored documents like word, pdfs and notes.
- View photo gallery
- Play HD games
- Output display to TV or other hdmi capable device
- Recharge it with a microUSB to USB cable.

Ordinarily, the package I got didn't come with a socket charger but the microusb cable which allows me to do charging from a usb port like from a laptop or other device. I normally charge mine with the usb port on video since it's mostly powered on.


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