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Posted by on Friday December 7, 2012 at 7:46:45:

If you already have an active sim card that supports mobile tv(Glo and MTN) on your mobile phone and want to be able to watch the available DSTV channels, you can do this on your own without having to visit your network's office. You just need to get a mobile phone that supports mobile tv.

There are a lot of phones, mostly Nokia, that support the DVB-h platform required for dstv mobile and if your current phone is not supported, getting the required phone from the open market would be ok.

You can get a Nokia 5330 or other DVB-h phone and then swap your sim card to it, turn on the mobile tv application and do a scan for channels. You'd first of all need to make sure that the phone is already setup for mobile browsing by configuringn the gprs settings.

So here is an easy way to setup a Nokia 5330 phone for DSTV Mobile.

- Get the GPRS settings by doing a manual configuration of requesting for the settings by sending Settings to 3888 in an sms
- Save the settings
- Open up the Mobile tv application
- Scan for channels
- Subscribe for the ones you want or just stick to the free channels
- Now you can watch DSTV on your mobile phone


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