How to use a VPN service for Kindle Fire: Changing your IP

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Posted by on Tuesday May 6, 2014 at 16:16:27:

One of the recent apps I've installed on my Kindle is a VPN application. This is basically an Android app that allows me to change my IP and at least protect my privacy when my Kindle is connected to the internet. The good thing is that it even allows me to access the web as though I was located in the USA.

If you have an AMazon tablet like teh Kindle Fire HD, you could easily change your IP address by installing an Android VPN app on your device - It is that easy.

How it basically works is that you first of all download and install the app and then activate it anytime you are connected to the internet. A Google search afterwards on the phrase "What is my IP" will indicate that you have successfully changed your IP on your Kindle.

What are the benefits of using a VPN on your Kindle? Well, I think there are quite a lot and one of them would be having access to content that you are normally restricted to as a result of your current IP. Also, a VPN allows you to use your Kindle and still be able to protect your privacy since it won't give out your actual location to the public when you are connected to the web.

There are lots of people around the world who might be already using a Kindle but would also love to change their IP for one reason of the other, you can simply do this by installing a VPN for your device and the one I'm using is called Hotspot Shield VPN which I got from the Amazon apppstore for free.

How to set it up
- Connect to the internet with your tablet
- Go to appstore and search for Hostpot Shield VPN or simply follow this link
- Install the app
- Connect to the app to change your IP

App would indicate that you are protected and your IP has been changed.

Hostpot Shield VPN

This is currently a free service.


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