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I have a cool electronic device I got from Amazon called the The Panasonic EW3006 wrist blood pressure monitor and it's a small device meant to fit into your wrist like a wristwatch which can help check your blood pressure.

One of the main things that's killing a lot of people in our world today particularly in Nigeria is high blood pressure and for most people, it goes undetected and even for those who detect it, they find it hard to monitor and control it and they don't like going to the hospitals all the time just for check up. Well, this blood pressure monitor is something they can carry along as it's really portable and they can use it anywhere.

Some of my friends have asked why I bought a blood pressure monitor like this one since I wasn't 60 yet and it's probably only people like my parents that should be using it. Well, the truth is that checking your blood pressure is something you would need to be doing even if you were as young as 25 years because nowadays, even young Nigerians die in their 30s and 40s and when you inquire, you hear that they died of a high blood pressure related illness such as a heart attack. I know of a primary school friend that died about 2 years ago and unmarried as a result of a heart attack and his mother followed the next year. He was young and people wondered why death could be so mean. However, I noticed a difference between my lifestyle and his - I was more physically active than he was and also had less weight.

For those who care about their health and would want to live long, you should consider medical checkup from time to time and not only when you've totally broken down. Having a form of health insurance or health monitoring facility you can manage yourself or get others to manage for you can really make the difference. Constantly checking for things like your Body Mass Index and your Blood pressure can help you know where you are heading.

You know it's a bit surprising that what's killing a lot of people nowadays is no longer hunger or poverty but poor management of their wealth. Some of us can afford to eat 3 times a day but rarely do any form of exercise. Some do exercise but eat more of the wrong types of foods and some just won't give up drinking alcohol or excess eating of red meats and all that really contributes to a bad health.

Well, this new wrist blood pressure monitor will probably not stop you from eating anything you want and stay lazy but it's going to tell you how you are currently doing. For people who don't understand what a high, low or normal blood pressure is, it may be a bit confusing using this wrist watch and after getting the results. Well, what they basically need to do is first get the results and then look for a chart or table to interprete it. It's also probably best to take the results up to 3 times just to be sure of figures.

Blood Pressure Chart

Low: Systolic = <90 or Diastolic = <60

Normal: Systolic = <120 and Diastolic = <80

Pre-hypertension: Systolic = 120 to 139 or Diastolic = 80 to 89

High: Stage 1 Hypertension: Systolic = 140 to 159 or Diastolic = 90 to 99

High: Stage 2 Hypertension: Systolic = >=160 or Diastolic = >=100

Where > means greater than
< means less than
>= greater than or equals to


How to use the wrist blood pressure monitor

- Relax
- Wear it as if you are wearing a watch and knot it a bit tight
- Press the Yellow Power button
- Wait
- Get the final readings
- Compare the figures with a blood pressure chart to know your status

You can try it up to 3 times just to be sure you are okay. Readings may vary depending on your activity levels at that moment.

Readings on the Panasonic wrist blood pressure monitor

The electronic device gives 3 readings which are the Systolic(higher), the Diastolic(lower) and the Pulse. The readings are measures in mmHg and you can use it to compare with a blood pressure chart just to know how healthy you are. Hypertensive patients needs more special care and pre-hypertensive patients need to improve their lifestyle so they don't eventually get a higher blood pressure.

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