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Posted by on Wednesday May 27, 2015 at 11:20:48:

One funny experience I've had at a barbing salon in Lagos Nigeria happened one day when I was having a hair cut and the power company popularly known as NEPA took away the power. They do this regularly and so it wasn't unexpected. Yes, the lights went out and when I looked at the mirror, I noticed that my hair has only been shaved halfway and the other half was still full. Anyway, I didn't panic much since most barbing salons normally have a back up power system thanks to electric generators that run on fuel. However, the next time I went to shave my hair, I had to pay more for it since they were only using generators. So, people normally pay more for shaving with generators than shaving when there is power supply.

With the persistent fuel scarcity and increasing costs of using it in an oil rich country like Nigeria, people who visit barbing salons in Nigeria like me have only ended up as the ones who pay the final bills. Fuel and generator marketers have increased the prices of their products over the years and this has been transferred to barbing salons who finally transferred the costs to their clients and this means higher fees for taking a hair cut at their shops.

I've been thinking why I've never seen any barbing salon using a rechargeable or cordless clipper. With a rechargeable or cordless clipper, many barbing salons and people would be able to save some money and this would help people a lot.

Nigerians have only gradually started to migrate from relying on power generators to using batteries. People use batteries on their electronic gadgets such as their phones and laptops but only very few use it for taking a hair cut or shaving their beard. Many Nigerians as at 2015 still make use of hair clippers that require electricity supply from wall sockets. It's time to go cordless and that's why I'm writing about rechargeable clippers.

A rechargeable clipper is mostly a cordless electronic clipper that operates without having to stay plugged into a wall socket. It operates without wires since it has an internal battery that has been charged and can be recharged. When such a clipper has been charged, it will be able to cut hair for a while before needing to get recharged again.

Some rechargeable clippers can operate for up to 1 hour while some can work for more hours before needing to get recharged through a wall socket or other means.

A rechargeable or cordless clipper allows you to shave your beard or cut your hair even when there is a black out or no power supply from the electric company. I have to say that after purchasing one at a retail store in Nigeria, it has really helped improve my life.

I purchased a rechargeable clipper from a retail store in Lagos recently and normally use it only for shaving my beard like every 2 days. I have to say that the battery life is superb as I'm able to use it to shave my beard for more than 2 weeks before having to recharge it again. It normally takes me about 5 minutes per session to shave my beard and I do it like 3 times a week and so I guess that totals to about 30 minutes usage for the 2 weeks. I guess it can run up to 4 weeks before needing a recharge considering my shaving schedule. The one I purchased was a Paiter rechargeable hair clipper PH-2651

Where to buy a rechargeable clipper in Nigeria: You can get it from several online shopping sites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Jumia, Konga, Dealdey

How much do they cost? What are the prices of rechargeable hair clippers in Nigeria? Well, their prices tend to vary depending on the brand, quality, usage and foreign exchange rate since they are mostly imported electronic items.

Their market prices ranges from $20 to $300 as a result of the varying factors I've already mentioned. In terms of usage, some rechargeable clippers are made for just shaving one's moustache or beard while others do more work like shaving the hair on the head and so would cost more. Brands that are more respected and build higher quality products also tend to cost more than low quality brands. Some of the top brands for this brand of products includes Wahl, Andis, Conair and so on.

There are many cordless or rechargeable hair clippers that I've seen at retail stores and online shopping websites but I have to say that I love ones like the Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper and the Silver Andis 32375 Power Trim Cordless Trimmer

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