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Posted by on Thursday August 6, 2015 at 15:48:30:

Nowadays, If I have to buy a phone, one capability I must make sure it has is a WiFi hotspot. If your smartphone cannot be used as a mobile Wifi hotspot, then it's not smart enough because phones nowdays do come with that capability.

A Wifi hotspot is a network or signal that allows you to connect to electronic devices wirelessly and share resources such as files or an internet service. So, if you have a mobile phone for instance that also has a WiFi hotspot capability, then it means that you can connect to that phone's hotspot and internet service from another device just by turning on it's WiFi connection.

One of the things I use my Infinix Zero phone to do is browsing the web but not only on my mobile phone by using the phone itself but also on my other devices such as laptop and kindle fire tablet. As long as you have any device that cans WiFi capability, it can connect to your Infinix Zero to browse the internet. Although I don't recommend it for long term use since that could reduce your phone's lifespan.

If you want to use your Infinix Zero phone as a portable Wifi hotspot, all you need to do it turn on it's Wifi hotspot switch on by going to Menu > Settings > Tethering and portable Hotspot. Ensure that the switch is turned on and if it's the first time, you also need to first setup the Wifi hotspot settings by going to Setup and entering a password. Once your Wifi hotspot is switched on, you can always connect to the phone hotspot from other deices while also using the same password on your connecting device.

So, you can connect to the internet service available on your infinix zero or any other Android smartphone from your laptop, tablet or any other Wifi capable device by simply connecting to the Wifi's hotspot.

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