Belkin Wireless USB adapter allows you to connect to WiFi hotspots

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Posted by on Friday May 16, 2014 at 17:56:57:

Even if your computer or laptop came without in-built Wifi capability or it's no longer working, you can still be able to access WiFi hotspots by making use of your USB port and a Belkins Wireless USB adapter.

It is basically like a flash drive you can plug into your computer and it would be installed. After installation, it would be able to detect Wireless networks just as Wifi capable devices are able to.

I recently came across this WiFi adpater on Amazon produced by Belkins and I searched for it when someone asked for help in an online forum on what to do in his own case. The person had a laptop he has been using for years and somehow, his WiFi detector or inbuilt WiFi antennae is no longer able to detect or connect to Wireless networks. The solution provided was for him to simply get a Wireless USB adapter than can solve the problem and it worked.

Wireless network connections are really helpful as they allow you to connect to other computers and share the services they are using such as internet, files, programs and so on. It's more common to use a WiFi hotspot to access the internet and you'd find them really convenient to use a public places like shopping mall,s restaurants, hotels, schools, religious centers, fitness centers and so on. There are no need for wires or cables when using a WiFi hotspot.

When it comes to choosing a good Wifi enabling device, not all WiFi USB adapters are the same as some are much better than others and some come with better signal detectors than others. Some also are better built than others and could better guarantee you a long term service.

When buying a WiFi USB adapter, don't just go for the ones that are cheap if you can afford to buy a better one. In the long term, the quality and good service are what counts really.

The Belkins WiFi adapter is designed to be small and compact and so you could just plug it in and leave it there. It come with installation instructions which are as easy and plugging it in and slotting the setup CD. Subsequently, you just have to plug it in or just leave it in and Wifi signals would be detected on your computer when you start it up.


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