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Posted by on Tuesday May 12, 2015 at 9:34:48:

When it comes to having reliable electrical power supply in 21st century Nigeria, I have to admit that power generators seem more reliable than the power companies as the nation not had sufficient power generation and supply since the 1980s. Electric power generators are what makes life a bit more convenient for millions of Nigerians still living in the country. People need electricity for many things such as watching tv, cooling their homes, pumping water, studying, cleaning and so on. It has become almost impossibel for Nigerians to live without electricity and that's why Power generators are mostly sought after as a back up power plan.

The price of purchasing Power Generators in Nigeria can be a lot for many people as the more powerful ones tend to cost more than the little ones and so most people tend to forget about the idea of purchasing a generator totally in order to save money.

However, I've noticed that there are some cheap generators out there in the market which can also help make life a bit more convenient for low income people or those who may want to save money in Nigeria when purchasing a new generator.

Here is a list of some cheap generators you can buy in Nigeria without spending money. I call it a list of cheapest generators you can buy in Nigeria:

I checked out 2 main Nigerian shopping websites that sell Generators and these are their prices as at the date of this post:

Cheap generators at Konga
1. Elepon Generator SPG1200 NGN18000
2. Sumec Firman Generator SPG1200 NGN19000
3. Tiger Original Generator TG950 NGN20500
4. Elepon 1KVA Generator SPG2200 NGN29,000
5. Sumec Firman Generator SPG1800 NGN30000

Cheap generators at Jumia
1. Sumec Firman 1200W/60Hz Manual Generator SPG1500 NGN26140
2. Sumec Firman 1800W/60Hz Manual Start Generator SPG1800 NGN31360
3. Haier Thermocool TEC 0.9kw/1.1kva (Max Rated) Junior Recoil Generator Set NGN32,291
4. Firman SPG2200 900W/1200W Recoil Generator N35360
5. Elepaq EC2500CX 2.2 KVA Manual Generator NGN43750

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