How to test your Deep Cycle battery with a Voltmeter

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Posted by on Friday October 23, 2015 at 12:7:49:

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More and more people who prefer alternative means of generating power now rely on Deep Cycle batteries as their storage box. A deep cycle or inverter battery helps to store that electrical power you need for later use and it's an important part of an inverter power system.

Given that an Inverter or Deep cycle battery really costs a lot(About N50,000 in Nigeria), it only makes sense to ensure that when buying it, you buy them new and ensure that they are also in good working conditions.

In many developing countries such as Nigeria, there is a power grid problem as electricity generated is not always sufficient to match demand and so people invest in alternative means of power by making use of things like an Inverter. It would be a wise decision to only buy batteries that are brand new and in good working condition.

What I've noticed is that Deep cycle batteries are not made in Nigeria or in many Developing countries as they are mostly imported from developed nations like China, USA, Canada or the UK and the market where they are sold are normally not always regulated to protect buyers.

At times, a buyer who may not know much about Deep Cycle batteries may make the mistake of buying a battery that has been used or has lost a great amount of efficiency from a fraudulent seller and that's why it's not advisable to buy them without having some technician accompanying or advising you. You would need to test those batteries first and sure that they are efficient and working like brand new before you pay for it.

There is an easy way to test for a Deep cycle battery and it involves making use of a Voltmeter to check for the Voltage. It should be a bit above the specified level for the battery and so a 12 V battery should read about 12.5 on the meter. If it reads less than 12 V, then you shouldn't buy it. There are other tests you can carry out on a Deep Cycle battery to ensure that it is healthy and efficient such as checking for the specific gravity with a hydrometer.

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