How to recharge your car or generator battery yourself

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Most people who drive cars that make use of batteries that are 12 Volts and the work of the battery is to provide power to certain parts of the car such as ignition, starter and lights. Without a properly functioning car battery, a car would not be able to fulfill most of those functions. If you do see a car owner pushing his car before starting it, chances are that the car battery has gone weak and either needs a replacement or recharging.

How do you recharge your car battery? Well, you can either give it to an expert battery charger to do it for you for a fee or you can do it yourself using a battery charging equipment.

Recharging your car battery with a battery charging technician in Nigeria would cost you some money per day which won't make as much economic sense as buying the charging equipment and doing the recharging yourself.

There is a battery charging device you can buy from Amazon that is called Black & Decker BM3B 6 V and 12 V Battery Charger / Maintainer. I bought mine for about $15 from Amazon and use it in Nigeria with a 100 Watts 220V to 110V step down transformer. It can be used to recharge both 6 V and 12 V battery and comes with different Amp readings. I have the one that is just 1.5 Amps while they also have ones that can charge with a current as high as 45 Amp. The difference between the 2 Amp packages is that the higher the reading, the faster it charges and so a 45 Amp charger would charge a 100 Amp battery much faster than a 1.5 Amp charger. The 1.5 Amp charge I used was able to top-up my car battery in 72 hrs but I guess it would take less time if using a 45 Amp charger.

How it works:
The Black & Decker BM3B 6 V and 12 V Battery Charger / Maintainer uses an input voltage of about 120 V to work as many USA targeted electronics require and this means that if you are using it in a country that makes use of about 240 V wall sockets, you'd just need to make use of a step down transformer - I made use of a Centro 220 V to 110 V step down transformer.

You'd need to first connect the charger to the battery by attaching the battery clamps to both the positive and negative points of the battery. Ensure you connect the red clamp to the positive side and the blue clamp to the negative side.

The next step is to connect the battery charger to a 110 V to 120 V input power source and switch on the power.

While charging, the lights on the battery charging box will be blinking green and when it's fully charged, it will stop blinking and show a steady green. It's so easy to use.

Not all batteries can be recharged as some batteries would have to be replaced rather than recharged. I tested my car battery before and after recharging it and it showed that the voltage has increased from about 12V to 13V plus.

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