How to connect your external speaker to your dstv decoder

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Posted by on Sunday October 9, 2016 at 20:39:50:

If you have a DSTV decoder and want to be able to hear better quality sound that what your TV may be offering you, it would be a smart move to connect it to a higher quality speaker and that's what I did to mine when my LG TV speaker had an audio problem.

Yes, I mostly use my TV to watch programs from my DSTV decoder since they show local and foreign TV channels but my LG TV have been having a problem for quite a while or would I just say that I wasn't satisfied with it's audio quality as it was a bit low and cracking and I needed to hear more quality sound. I had 2 solutions to the problem which are to replace the internal speakers on my TV or to connect my Decoder directly to an external speaker. I chose the latter decision since it would be easier and I could do it myself without having to drop my TV at a local TV repair shop and without any guarantee that it will come back as brand new. I just chose to purchase a high quality external speaker.

All you need to do is get an external speaker that can be connected to the audio output port of your DSTV decoder and the speaker I bought was an Amazon together with an RCA plug adapter cable. You can get an external speaker that comes with RCA plugs i.e. red and white plugs which you would just plug into the red and black audio output ports at the back of your DSTV decoder. If you can't get an external speaker that comes with an RCA cable, you can get another one like the AmazonBasics USB Powered Computer Speakers (A100) I got and also make use of an RCA adapter cable so that it can be connected to the output ports of the back of your decoder.

So, once your external speaker has been connected at the back of your decoder and powered on, it will be act as a standalone speaker that outputs the sound coming from your decoder while the video will still be showing on your TV.

You can also connect an external speaker to your TV directly using the same method by connecting the output audio ports at the back of the TV with the input cable that come with the speaker. However, if you are using a DSTV decoder, it doesn't make sense to connect to to your TV when you can connect it directly to the decoder since it's the source of the sound and would provide better sound.

So, if you are not satisfied with the audio output or sound coming from your TV, you can boost it's sound by making use of an external speaker and mine is really working fine for me.

The 2 main things I got to boost the sound coming from my DSTV decoder are the AmazonBasics USB Powered Computer Speaker (A100) and a Yueton stereo female mini jack to 2 Male RCA plug adapter cable both of which I got from Amazon. You can get any other external speaker that can be connected at the back of your DSTV decoder if you want and it would just work fine.

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