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Posted by on Tuesday March 25, 2014 at 11:31:40:

Are you kidding? What does really have to do with Nigeria? Well, as a far as I know, eBay doesn't really do any business officially with Nigerian residents nor do they ship to Nigeria but you may be lucky to find a seller who might be willing to ship to Nigeria but don't count on it.

It is probably easier to shop on local Nigerian websites like Konga and Jumia than to shop on US websites like eBay or Amazon.

eBay doesn't accept Nigerian issued Visa or Mastercard but they do accept Nigerians who have a US billing and shipping address. They also don't really accept people using a Nigerian IP address.

First of all, to buy things on eBay, one needs to either have a Paypal account or US credit card. When it comes to shipping, one also needs to at least have a US shipping address and this is mostly useful when shopping on US based websites like eBay. InFact, probably only very few sellers on eBay would even ship outside the USA or to any other address that is different from a Paypal or credit card billing address.

What do you then do if you really want to buy something from eBay and have it shipped to Nigeria? Well, you can still do so if you have someone like a friend or an agent in the USA who can buy and receive it on your behalf and then reship to you in Nigeria. You may only have to just pay them for the service either through a bank wire or Nigerian issued debit/credit card.

Most US shipping agents tend to offer a service they call personal shopper which allows you to tell them the item you want on eBay and they would buy and ship it to you in Nigeria for a fee which is made u of international shipping fee and purchase commission.

You could also buy directly from eBay if you have an eBay account, a US IP service and Paypal account to pay with. Personally I've bought stuff on eBay and the only other thing I used was a US mail forwarding service to ship it to Nigeria for me.

So, if you have the funds, you can always buy anything you want on eBay using a Point and kill approach or directly but in both cases, you'd still need to make use of a US shipping service

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